claireHi! I’m Claire. I’m a 20-something living in Ontario, Canada embarking on my first grown-up career job. I like to write and although my job requires a lot of it, I still don’t quite feel fulfilled. See, my job gives me an opportunity to write about lots of technical, science-y topics, but it doesn’t usually let me write about my weekend adventures or my love of bad music. Hence, the blog.

I’m a university grad with a degree in synicism international development and although I’ve considered doing an MBA, I like a regular paycheck too much right now to consider going back to school.

I like chocolate and reading and am a very picky eater (although this is an on-going area of self-improvement lately).

I don’t like Will Ferrel or public displays of affection.

If you want to get in touch with me, email me: clairesuzzanne1 at gmail dot com.


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Hi There!

I'm Claire. I like to write about ridiculous things.

I love chocolate but don't think cheese and cake belong together.

I often wish it was socially acceptable to wear glitter before 10pm.

If you want to chat, email me at clairesuzanne1 at gmail dot com.


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