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A convoluted and round-about story about taking on a challenge

Last week, I had the following conversation with Matt over the phone before I left work:

Matt: Can you pick something up for dinner on your way home, I’m going to be a bit late.

Me: Of course, what do you want?

Matt: Ummm…Ughhh….Hmmm…

Me: Well you have to give me something to go on.

Matt: I dunno.

Me: Do you want some pork chops?

Matt: No, not pork. I don’t want chicken either we had that a few days ago.

Me: Okay. What about some beef? Maybe some ground beef for hamburgers or some steak?

Matt: Nah, I’m not in the mood for beef.

Me: Pasta?

Matt: No, I don’t think so.

Me: Soooo, no pork, no chicken, no beef and no pasta. What the eff do you want?

Matt: I dunno.

Now, I realize that there is more to eat out there than pork, chicken, beef and pasta. But, it was a Wednesday night, I was tired, Matt was working late and I didn’t really want to be fussing with a new dish. Plus, I come from a real ‘meat and potatoes’ family, I am afraid of trying new things and I am no gourmet cook.

But, this post is not about food or cooking. This post is about the fact that I have tomorrow off (woo hoo!). Not only do I have a nice long weekend, but my mom is coming to visit and we are going shopping!

My brother is getting married this summer and my mom needs a dress. Being the mother of the groom is a big deal and the occasion calls for a fancy dress.

But, I’m concerned. I am suspicious that my mother is going to be just as picky as Matt was about dinner last week. In fact, I had my suspicions confirmed when she informed me that she doesn’t want taffeta, silk/satin or chiffon. Now, aside from going into the realm of cotton, polyester or wool, I don’t think there are that many options left! But, I think she did the whole polyester thing in the 70s and I don’t think she’s over a distressing experience she had with a wool dress and a rain storm.

Alas, tomorrow is going to be a challenge.

But, I’m excited. We have enlisted the help of my fashion-savvy cousin and aunt to point us in the direction of good shops that will hopefully hold a plethora of age-appropriate-but-not-boring-and-frumpy dresses because if there is one thing that my mother is not it is boring and frumpy.

I’m hoping that much like dinner that night last week*, everything will turn out perfectly. My mom is a fashionable woman and I’m certain we will find her something awesome tomorrow.

Wish me luck!

*In case you’re interested, we had breakfast-for-dinner that night. Simple, easy and delicious!


The Best of 2009: Night Out

December 5 Night out. Did you have a night out with friends or a loved one that rocked your world? Who was there? What was the highlight of the night?

This question is difficult for me. I wish I could say it’s difficult because there are soooo many great nights out this past year. But the reality is that I don’t go out much anymore. I no longer live in a house full of friends. I no longer am a full-time student who doesn’t think twice about going out on a Wednesday.* Therefore, I no longer go out all that often.

*Please note this is not entirely the truth. Even when I was a full-time student it took a lot to convince me to go out on a Wednesday cause, you know, it’s a school night and I’m studious like that.

However, despite being too few and too far between, there have been a handfull of totally rockin’ nights out this past year and there are 2 that immediately come to mind.

The first that came to mind was a night out in Toronto which was unofficially themed: Before You Make Your Promise to God (Erin from Down the Rabbit Hole wrote about it too). The idea was to peer pressure a soon-to-be-minister friend into doing inappropriate things before she made her promise to god (hence the name).

The evening had all the ingredients necessary for a successful night on the town: great friends, a ridiculous theme, red lipstick, pounding music, a busy bar and lots of dancing.

My soon-to-be-minister friend and I, all red lipsticked up!

Unfortunately, the only inappropriate thing we managed to convince our soon-to-be-minister friend to do was wear red lipstick and to most, this is a completely appropriate choice for a night on the town. Therefore, I think we failed at our theme.

Erin and I

However, we did utilize the theme well throughout the evening by confusing strangers by shouting out directions to our soon-to-be-minister friend such as: “Soon-to-be-minister friend, take this shot of tequila before you make your promise to god!”

This provided Erin and I endless enjoyment, consider the above photo as proof.

The second night that comes to mind involved the same group of people (plus or minus some). It was a friend’s birthday and it was my first introduction to karaoke. For someone who loves to belt it out in the car and loves being the centre of attention, I was surprisingly terrified of karaoke. I have an awful voice and submitting an entire bar full of people to the horror that is my singing was not something I was all that interested in doing.

However, with a little liquid courage and by doing the wimpy girl thing of begging a friend to do it with me, I belted it out. Not surprisingly, as I’ve already revealed my love of the spotlight, I loved it.

This is actually the best photo I have of my performance of the evening. If you look closely, you can see 3 people, I'm in the middle (I think).

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