Blog Swap: On that time I was ruffied and woke up in a ditch……in Austria.

Today is the 20 Something Bloggers blog swap!
Meet Kate, she blogs at This life of mine… and she is pretty spectacular. She has an amazing and inspirational story and is funny to boot! I immediately knew that she was awesome because the first email she sent me she started with “hello pretty lady.”  You can’t get much better than that.
We decided to skip the 20SB recommended topic not because it wasn’t awesome, but because we wanted to write about ADVENTURE. Check out Kate’s adventure story below and mine adventure in the Himalayan Mountains on her blog.

Summer after my junior year of college, my friend *Suzie and I traveled to Europe for two weeks.  I met Suzie during my senior year in high school.  She was a foreign exchange student from Austria, studying abroad.  We played soccer together and basically the rest is history.

Suzie came back to the States every now and then to visit me and her host family.  So when she suggested I fly back to Austria with her for two weeks, I jumped at the opportunity.  I bought a roundtrip ticket for $500 and I packed my bags.

The 8 hour flight was torture.  Now, I don’t mind flying, but if it’s a flight more than four hours, I get a little impatient.  OK, fine, I get very impatient.  And of course I thought it would be a fantastic idea to stay up the entire night before my flight, so that I could sleep on the eight hour flight.  Clearly that didn’t happen and by the time our flight landed in Berlin (for a layover), I was downright exhausted.  Add a pinch of jet lag and you have one cranky Asian.

We finally landed in Vienna, Austria at 10:30AM.  Suzie’s father (who also happens to be the freaking Mayor of Innsbruck) picked us up at the airport and we drove straight to downtown Innsbruck to have lunch with her family.

So, I studied German in high school, and I even studied it for two years in college.  I really thought I would be comfortable with speaking the language in Austria – or at least the basics, like ordering food and drinks and the standard “hello” and “goodbye.”

Five minutes of sitting at the table with Suzie and her family, all of whom were speaking in German, and I was blown away.  Although I think it was moreso because I was jetlagged and completely and utterly exhausted.  Luckily for me, her family spoke English whenever they conversed with me, but I often questioned whether they were talking about me to each other in German.

It’s like when you go to a nail salon and the Asian women are speaking Chinese or Japanese to each other and you wonder if they are talking about you.

After a lot of translating and eating lunch, we headed back to Suzie’s house so I could get some rest and try to get on Austria time before heading out to the bars.

I guess I never realized how seriously Europeans are about their drinking until I went to Austria.  The bars in Austria never close.  Suzie and I met up with her twin sister, *Sally, and some of their friends around 9PM.  Let me just tell you, Austrians are so fun to hang out with.  And they can drink me under the table just about every night of the week.  As soon as we arrived, shots of tequila were flowing.  And I hate, hate, HATE tequila, thanks to a bad night in Washington, D.C. about four years ago, which left me puking at the bar, outside of the bar, in the cab, outside of the hotel, in the hotel lobby, in the hotel hallway, and then finally in my hotel room.

I digress…

After about 8 shots of tequila and 6 beers and no sleep and completely jet lagged, I was pretty much 534 sheets to the wind.  And by this time it was only 11PM.


By this point, everyone decided they wanted to go to a night club.  I was actually pretty stoked to check out the Austrian night club scene.  We get there, we pay a $5 Euro cover and it is JAM-PACKED inside. (TWSS) Three floors of Europeans busting a move to [mostly] techno music.  I think at one point during the night, my ears actually bled.  I hate techno music.

So, I basically lose Suzie and her sister and all of the people we were with because the club is so crowded and everyone basically scampered away as soon as they got in.  So I did what I do best – head straight for the bar.

A hot Irishman offers to buy me a drink, so of course I’m going to say yes.

Bad idea.

Remember how your mother told to never accept things from a stranger?  Yeah, now I know why.

I don’t really remember what happened the rest of the night at that night club, but I woke up the next morning in a ditch.

In Innsbruck.

By myself.

I finally made it back to Suzie’s house, told her what happened and she immediately took me to the hospital.  Doctor’s ran some tests, did some blood work and it turns out someone ruffied my drink that night.  And thankfully, that’s all they did … if you know what I mean.

Moral of the story?

Never accept anything from strangers.  And never lose track of your friends when you’re in a foreign country, drunk and jet lagged.

*names have been changed to protect Austrian identity


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  1. 1 Nessa April 15, 2010 at 11:30 am

    OMG that’s horrible! Glad you’re ok.

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