The dreams, I have them

I dream a lot and I usually remember them. How much I dream, or rather how much I remember, is really hit and miss. Sometimes I can go for months without any sort of dream. Other times, I dream in technicolour every night.

I used to dream when I was very little (like toddler and pre-schooler age) but sort of ‘grew out of it.’ From the ages of 6 through 19, I didn’t usually remember dreams. But that all changed thanks to a little trip I took to India. In University, I lived in India for one semester. It was full of curry, elephants, squat toilets, hot weather and camels. It was also full of malaria drugs. Being the cheap student that I was, I opted for the malaria drugs that were cheapest but ‘may cause vivid dreaming, nightmares, halucinations and/or paranoia.’ Now I know a lot of people that have horror stories about anti-malarial medication. I also know that the drugs have improved a lot over the years and although there may be some side-effects, they weren’t nearly as bad as malaria itself. So I manned up and faced the possibility of hallucinations head on.

And these drugs weren’t bad. I experienced practically no side-effects for the first 2 months. Unfortunately, by month 3 and 4 the drugs had built up in my system and I started dreaming. I never had nightmares, just dreams. Vivid dreams. Dreams in hi-definition and surround sound. In fact, it was kind of really fricken cool. I also had some minor paranoia every once in a while, but that may have been due to many other factors like the prevalence of armed guards, the crowds, the smells, the general onslaught of sensory overdrive that comes with being in India (I love that country!).

Now, I am no doctor (big surprise!) and I bet my current state has very little to do with anti-malarials at this point since I haven’t been on them in years. But I still dream. The definition is not so high and the sound is certainly not surround, but they are dreams nonetheless.

This past week has been a particular hotbed of dreaming for me. In the past 4 nights I have dreamed about the following things: stealing things from a daycare, going on covert missions with my brother, giant earthworms with teeth, Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin, being shot and day planners.

Tonight, I’m hoping Ryan Reynolds will bring me a golden pony.


2 Responses to “The dreams, I have them”

  1. 1 Erin March 7, 2010 at 12:23 am

    Usually I don’t remember my dreams. The last few nights I have though.

  2. 2 Amy --- Just A Titch March 4, 2010 at 11:20 pm

    I have the most INSANE dreams…haha. I love it.

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