The towels didn’t match, but everything else was spectacular (in a normal, low-key kind of way)

The whole ‘The Boyfriend’s whole family is coming to visit’ thing went surprisingly well. As I had promised myself not to stress over such an event, I didn’t stress over such an event, which is truly amazing.

Often when I promise myself things, it doesn’t turn out so well. Like that time I promised to go to the gym a whole bunch. Yeah, I came close, but didn’t win. Or, that time I promised myself not to do those ridiculous things and take ridiculous pictures while wearing red lipstick out on the town. Yeah, that didn’t turn out too well either.

But this time around, everything came up roses.

Being the super-awesome host that I am, I had almost everything done by the time they arrived. I had the bed (read: futon from past university days that has seen better days) in the spare room made with clean sheets. I had enough towels for everyone and their hair (albeit, not matching) and I had enough food for breakfast in the morning.

Breakfast the next morning went swimmingly. This is largely due to my mother’s strong influence in my life. See, my mother has this amazing ability to entertain people effortlessly (yes, I know a lot of people have this ability, but my mom is better at it than yours, just like my dad can beat up your dad). She is able to provide people with everything they need without making it seem like it’s an inconvenience or like it’s anything other than what she does every single day of her life.

The truth is, she frantically cleans and buffs every surface in the house prior to a guest’s arrival and has the table set for a dinner party 4 days in advance, just to be prepared. She would kill me if she knew I was revealing all her domestic secrets.

Since I learned 40 % of what I know from her (another 40% from my father and the final 20% from various alternative sources), I too got everything ready for breakfast in advance.

Breakfast for the Boyfriend’s family wasn’t even a big affair. It was more of a get your own breakfast as you’re getting up early and rushing out of the place in order to get to the ski hill at a reasonable hour. Nonetheless, I had everything ready. The cereal options were neatly displayed on the table, the toaster was prepped and the peanut butter was conveniently placed next to the ‘toasting station’. Apples and oranges were awaiting their execution on the cutting board and the coffee grounds were anxiously awaiting percolation.

It all ran without a hitch.

Despite all of this prep (which was really very little indeed), I’m completely aware that had I not prepared anything at all, The Boyfriend’s family wouldn’t even bat an eye. I mean, they were only staying over so they could break up their drive to the ski hill. But, it feels good to entertain people. It’s nice to see their surprise when you have cinnamon buns waiting when they wake up. It’s nice to feel like a good host. And it’s especially nice when you can go back to bed after they’ve left!


3 Responses to “The towels didn’t match, but everything else was spectacular (in a normal, low-key kind of way)”

  1. 1 Erin February 24, 2010 at 8:48 pm

    Mom has major freak outs days before company comes. The best part about her having cancer was that she got out of entertaining the family!

  2. 2 ria February 23, 2010 at 1:16 pm

    glad it was a success. you are much better at being a hostess than i will ever be!

  3. 3 Kate Cowan February 23, 2010 at 8:42 am

    Mom does have an amazing ability to entertain people effortlessly (we do know it is not effortlessly but she makes it feel that way).

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