A graphic novel about the Kennedy assissination

Last night was my office Christmas party. All week leading up to the party the boyfriend and I had several conversations about appropriate and inappropriate conversation.

This is what I had to endure:

Claire: So, you know that you need to behave at my Christmas party, right? My boss and my boss’ boss and my boss’ boss’ boss will be there.

The Boyfriend: Can I tell everyone I’m an astronaut-in-training?

C: No, Why would you tell people that?

TB: Why wouldn’t I tell people that. It’s not like I’m telling them I’m a real astronaut, I’m an astronaut-in-training. It’s totally believable.

C: There is nothing believable about that.

A day later…

C: The Globe and Mail tells me I should talk to my partner about appropriate behaviour for the office Christmas party. Do we need to actually have a serious discussion about this?

TB: No, I will be on my best behaviour.

C: Ok, what are some appropriate conversation topics you could use?

TB: I’m going to tell everyone about my project of writing a graphic novel about the Kennedy assassination.

C: You’re not writing a graphic novel about the Kennedy assassination.

TB: They don’t know that.

C: <exasperated sigh> You can’t do that!

TB: Why not?

C: It’s not the truth. And it would be a boring graphic novel. Everyone knows how it ends.

Then in a fit of cold weather induced crazy-ness, I said the following:

C: If you have 4 frames completed before the party tomorrow night and an entire storyline written out, I’ll let you tell people that you are writing a graphic novel about the Kennedy assassination. And stick figure drawings don’t count!

TB: Deal!

I really wish I could report that he did finish it and did tell people that he was working on a graphic novel about the Kennedy assassination. A part of me loves that ending for a) a good climax to an otherwise boring story and b) how awesome would it be to try to explain to my boss’ boss’ boss what a graphic novel was!

But, somewhat fortunately, due to last-minute shopping requirements, he was only able to finish 3 frames of a graphic novel about the Kennedy assassination therefore, he was unable to tell people that he was working on a graphic novel about the Kennedy assassination.

Technically I win, but I’m not as thrilled about it as I should be.

Also, just in case you’re interested, he didn’t tell anyone that he was an astronaut-in-training. But I know that took a lot of self-restraint. I’m proud of him.

In other news, my blogging may be sporadic these next few weeks because a) it’s Christmas and I must devote my time to wine drinking, chocolate eating and family and b) I’ll be at my parents who live in a vortex of 1997 and still have dial-up internet.

Happy Holidays to all!


3 Responses to “A graphic novel about the Kennedy assissination”

  1. 1 walkingonsunshine18 December 19, 2009 at 8:39 am

    LOL if he did tell everyone he was an astronaut in training, it would have been hilarious! 🙂

  2. 3 Erin December 18, 2009 at 9:59 pm

    Sleepy Hollow and PEI may be the only 2 places with dial up internet. I’m pretty sure Africa and South America have high speed.

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