Psyching myself out

The other day I was feeling adventurous. I woke up and I thought “good morning world, what kind of adventures do you have in store for me today?” I had a pep in my step and I was aching for something new.

So, being the practical girl that I am, I continued on with my morning routine exactly the same way I do every morning. I turned the coffee pot on before getting in the shower, I tip toed through the room and tried to be quiet as I rifled through the closet, I put on the same ‘office appropriate’ (read: no red lipstick) makeup that I wear every day and I styled my hair with my tried and true hair styling products.

Despite this hankering for adventure and something new I did everything the same down to what I wore and what I had for breakfast. But then, just as I was putting on my watch and ready to head out the door, something out of the corner of my eye sparked my attention.

A tiny little bottle of a perfume that I haven’t worn in years. “hey!” I thought, “that’s almost like something new and adventurous.” So, I put on a little dab.

Now, I don’t always wear perfume, maybe a couple times a week when I remember and I never put on a lot. The smell has usually dissipated by my snack break at 10:30 and I always wear the same stuff (Very Sexy by Victoria Secret, it helps me make up for not wearing red lipstick in the office).

But this day, I put on a scent I haven’t worn for a few years now. I don’t claim it was an extremely adventurous move because I used to wear this scent all the time in the first few years of university.

It’s an essential oil called “opium” that I bought at this hippie type store that sells artsy and handy-craft things from developing countries at a 4,000% mark up. The smell reminds me of the early days of university where I was studying development and wasn’t completely cynical about the world. It’s a nice smell that falls somewhere between patchouli and my Victoria Secret perfume; just the right amount of hippie. I’m still rather partial to it.

You would think that the thrill of straying (even though so minimally) from my morning routine would wear off quickly but it stayed with me all day. Unlike Victoria, this scent didn’t wear off by coffee break; it’s got lasting power (and considering it cost an 1/8 of the price as my other stuff, I’ve got  bone to pick with Miss Secret). And every time I got a whiff of this wanna-be-hippie-but-dread-locks-are-itchy-so-I-can’t-commit scent, I kept thinking that someone with a nice smell was standing right behind me.

It was certainly an interesting way to spend my day (constantly looking behind me worried that someone had caught me on Facebook at work), and it satisfied that adventurous spirit, if only temporarily.

Do you wear perfume? Do you wear the same kind every day and have a ‘signature scent’ or do you live on the wild side and mix it up?


2 Responses to “Psyching myself out”

  1. 1 Erin November 27, 2009 at 2:54 pm

    I wear Love Etc from the Body Shop lately, it’s really nice. Smell me sometime.
    I would make a really great hippie with you… if I didn’t like Wal-Mart so much…

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