Moving up

Recently, one of the boyfriend’s aunts got married. Having already lived on her own for many years there was much consolidation to be done between the new husband and wife upon moving in together. Which, lucky for us, means NEW FURNITURE.

To give you some background, the boyfriend and I just moved in together in September into a great 2 bedroom apartment. Between the 2 of us, we had some furniture from our university days and begged, borrowed and stole the rest. We had 2 futons: one for a couch in the living room and one for the guest bedroom. We took the double bed from my childhood room (because I know my mom was just itchin’ to get a new queen sized bed for that room). We relieved a coworker of an old dresser, brought an old entertainment unit out of storage from his parents’ basement and reclaimed a kitchen table the boyfriend had lent to his brother a few years back.

All in all, the apartment was fully furnished.

Despite being seemingly full up in the furniture department, we couldn’t resist the draw of a MATCHING love seat and sofa. I mean, come on! Grown ups have matching love seats and sofas.

But, being the practical girl I am, I kept my excitement in check because a) I had yet to see the matching sofa and love seat, they may be hideous and b) we still hadn’t figured out how to transport them for her place to ours (a good 1.5 hours through Canada’s largest city).

We The boyfriend found a company that would rent to youngins’ under 25 and had reasonable prices on van rentals.

Rental van: check!

Now, you would assume the next part would be easy-peasy. In my head, it was going to go something like this: the boyfriend and his brother go and pick up furniture, bring it home and we would love it. The End!

Not so fast. First, I am told by the boyfriend, we need to figure out where it’s all going to go. Well, it’s going to go in the living room. You see, the old futon we had in our living room was going to be adopted by the boyfriend’s brother, therefore making room in our spacious living room.

But no no. That was not good enough. Next thing you know, before I could find cover to hide under, out comes the graph paper and measuring tape.

Yes, folks, it is true, we had to measure all of our current furnishing, retrieve the measurements of the new matching love seat and sofa from his aunt and make a to-scale diagram.

Despite the ridiculousness and being the good girlfriend that I am, I dutifully fulfilled his wishes of helping measure for the to-scale diagram. But I drew the line at actually putting No. 2 pencil to paper and he did the actual making of the diagram.

Do you know what the saddest part of this whole saga is? No, it’s not that we didn’t actually use it. The living room actually ended up very close to how we planned.

No, the saddest part is that I loved it. I loved playing with the little graph paper squares. I loves pushing them around the little 8.5 x 11 inch piece of paper that is our living room. In fact, I loved it so much, I may just keep those little squares in an envelope ready to be pulled out at the slightest inkling I have to rearrange furniture.

Oh, I almost forgot. We love the matching(!) love seat and sofa. They are not hideous. In fact, they are quite stylish and suit us perfectly.


2 Responses to “Moving up”

  1. 1 Erin November 18, 2009 at 5:52 am

    You’re like real grown ups now! Meanwhile, I will continue to try not to slide off of my Grandparents’ old silk loveseat.

    • 2 clairesuzanne November 18, 2009 at 1:55 pm

      Yes, but you’re grandparents old silk loveseat is made of awesome. Even if you got a matching love seat and sofa, I would demand that you still use the silk flower-paterned one.

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